Upcoming Webinars

Members and nonmembers are invited to register for all of our upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

Members and nonmembers are invited to register for all of our upcoming webinars.

March 14, 2024  |  2:00 pm

OD Fees, NSF Fees, APSN, Representment Fees, Undisclosed OD Program Fees, and Other “Fees Under Fire”


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What to do NOW in light of:

  • The OD Fee Prohibition Proposal for Very Large Institutions
  • The NSF Fee Prohibition Proposal for ALL Institutions
  • The Representment Fee that is a UDAAP Violation
  • The OD Fee on APSN items that is a UDAAP Violation

There are actions to be taken NOW by every size institution to avoid criticism, restitution, and excruciating exams.  A checklist of proactive practices and considerations will be reviewed so that it can be used for internal conversations the next day.  We will review what is regulated vs guidance vs best practice vs competitive must.

Questions are welcome in advance.  Send any questions you have to information@complianceanchor.com.



Jennifer Cliber Smith has been in Banking Compliance for more than 30 years. Having worked in financial institutions of all sizes both as a staff member and as a consultant, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Jennifer has spoken at many events across the country including the Mid-Atlantic Regulatory Conference. She is a contributor and proofreader for the ABA CRCM Exam Manual and has worked as an instructor at the Mid Atlantic Bank Compliance Conference. As a lifelong learner, Jennifer’s commitment to education is clear, as she frequently attends webinars, seminars, and conferences to further her knowledge.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: BSA Officers & staff, Compliance Officers, Risk Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Operational Deposit and Loan personnel, other Staff interested in the current status of Compliance issues in the U.S., and how it impacts the banking industry.   

PAYMENT: Free to CA members, $225 to non-members

Upcoming Webinars


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